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General / 21 December 2017

Blogs on artstation at long last! 

I am hoping this will be a place where I can keep track of the random bits and pieces that I do or work on that either don't make the cut for the artstation proper, or are just works in progress.

Here are some of the more recent pieces that I did but haven't posted outside of facebook:

And something I am working on now:

3d sketch in 3d coat resulted in two competing styles (likely because they were done at different times, when I was just starting to learn 3d coat, and a later one, when I was more proficient) -- both of which I was interested in exploring separately. 

The World War 2 looking one and a modern looking one.

I took them to photoshop to do some quick pant overs. This one is a very rough modern direction.

Here I explored the "world war 2" look ideas. I really liked soviet designs that have vehicles laden with numerous  props, I thought it would be very interesting to do. Having a wheel for another vehicle on the side was a first step in that direction. Having done more resarch I discovered a plethora of items that got strapped to the sides of soviet armor in ww2: boxes, pickaxes, shovels, suitcases, barrels, crates, cables, wrenches, saws, planks, firewood, entire tree trunks, bicycles, etc - and that's not even starting on the more "default" equipment.

Here is where I am at the moment. I blocked in the major shapes, took the model to maya and modeled a number of t34-85 props to help anchor the design, as well figure it out the extents of it.