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Miscellaneous Artworks

General / 08 January 2020

I migrated over to a new computer over the holidays, and in the process discovered a bunch of sketches and WIPs that I don't believe ever saw the light of day (maybe for a good reason, I dunno:p).

First up, are some new clay renders of this thing that I did:

And on to the rest:

Old sketches (2016-2018)

Some yet unpublished bits that I did while working at Hodhead Games (2016-2017).

  Some additional screens from my work at IGG Canada (2017-2018):

Lighting, shadows, VFX, some building animations, texture clean up, geo clean up (everything) and redesigns (all buildings, parts of environment). 

Sky and background matte painting.

This is another game mode I was leading redesign on (lighting, models, textures + technical design). Screenshots in unity just to test lighting w/assets, not the actual game footage.

  Player Headquarters design work in progress Maya screenshots.