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New render/lighting set up.

General / 20 September 2019

Recent Gears 5 artblast has revealed to me some low hanging fruit areas of improvement that I could and should ideally address. 

One of them was lighting and render quality. 

The problem I have with this is that I tend to put  this aspect of art creation off to the very, very end-- for "when it is finished". But the model is never finished, or it is finished but it is not textured, or not posed, etc. More often than not, I would move on to the next project, and then the next, and then figure I should update my portfolio with at least something, quick.. and of course my presentation then is kinda half-assed.

Sooo I decided to spend a little bit of time and just work out the lighting set up by itself. It only works within the subject category, to be sure, but I believe it will save time and be a good starting point in the future. 

This one is a re-rendered speedsculpt/master study of Aris Kolokontes work that I did in 2014 or 2013.