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Miscellaneous Artworks

General / 08 January 2020

I migrated over to a new computer over the holidays, and in the process discovered a bunch of sketches and WIPs that I don't believe ever saw the light of day (maybe for a good reason, I dunno:p).

First up, are some new clay renders of this thing that I did:

And on to the rest:

Old sketches (2016-2018)

Some yet unpublished bits that I did while working at Hodhead Games (2016-2017).

  Some additional screens from my work at IGG Canada (2017-2018):

Lighting, shadows, VFX, some building animations, texture clean up, geo clean up (everything) and redesigns (all buildings, parts of environment). 

Sky and background matte painting.

This is another game mode I was leading redesign on (lighting, models, textures + technical design). Screenshots in unity just to test lighting w/assets, not the actual game footage.

  Player Headquarters design work in progress Maya screenshots.


Work in progress hair

Work In Progress / 17 December 2019

I would like to get up to date with various bits and pieces that I am working/have worked on on here, before this year is over at least. Starting with this.~
This hairstyle was done in the beginning of the year, and it is 100% core xgen-- maybe 85-90% finished. I was thinking of finishing it in interactive xgen, as I  kinda hit a wall and am unable to resolve some of the things otherwise.. Moar practice is necessary!:p

New render/lighting set up.

General / 20 September 2019

Recent Gears 5 artblast has revealed to me some low hanging fruit areas of improvement that I could and should ideally address. 

One of them was lighting and render quality. 

The problem I have with this is that I tend to put  this aspect of art creation off to the very, very end-- for "when it is finished". But the model is never finished, or it is finished but it is not textured, or not posed, etc. More often than not, I would move on to the next project, and then the next, and then figure I should update my portfolio with at least something, quick.. and of course my presentation then is kinda half-assed.

Sooo I decided to spend a little bit of time and just work out the lighting set up by itself. It only works within the subject category, to be sure, but I believe it will save time and be a good starting point in the future. 

This one is a re-rendered speedsculpt/master study of Aris Kolokontes work that I did in 2014 or 2013.


Old mobile game work

General / 15 September 2019
Here is some old work from a cancelled mobile game project from last year that I worked on.  I have long deliberated about posting this on artstation, largely because it's just such a mixed bag of things, but here it is.
Most of the work here was from when I was  at IGG Canada, where I was a senior 3d/character artist on a march battle multiplayer strategy game, and I got to wear quite  a lot of different 'hats' throughout the production.

Below are the partially completed commander icons and some thumbnails:

Concept designs for some of the raider factions buildings.

One of the concepts for a player base screen.

Concepts of player base/HQ as it appears on the world map:

A close to launch screenshot from the game's world map. I was tasked to do an improvement pass on the terrain (desert dune texture, better blending and color coherence), and the largely obscured 'camp' structures were also designed and built by me.  

One of the in-game commander avatars, that didn't quite make it into the game. The model and textures were created by me out of a 3d projection by a super talented Cheol Joo Lee 

(Game didn't support normal maps at the time)

And this is a concept from a different mobile game project that I worked on while at Hothead Games in 2017, I believe.


Last sketch from the page, progress animatic

General / 19 August 2018

I usually work on several things at once, all on the same page. At some point, if they are turning into something, they eventually get separated  into their own document. It happens pretty late in the process, and for all but the demon it happened before the last slide. The demon never made it into his own document :(

And the progress .gif.

Another sketch

General / 19 August 2018

A lot has happened since the first post,. My new place isn't quite ready for any proper computer work, but I did manage to get a few sketches in.  

This is one of them. I like it, but not sure if it's profile material, so here it goes. Maybe I'll change my mind later.
This was done in b/w first and then colorized. Didn't use any references, but did have some ideas that drove this.

"Vancouver 2118"


First post

General / 21 December 2017

Blogs on artstation at long last! 

I am hoping this will be a place where I can keep track of the random bits and pieces that I do or work on that either don't make the cut for the artstation proper, or are just works in progress.

Here are some of the more recent pieces that I did but haven't posted outside of facebook:

And something I am working on now:

3d sketch in 3d coat resulted in two competing styles (likely because they were done at different times, when I was just starting to learn 3d coat, and a later one, when I was more proficient) -- both of which I was interested in exploring separately. 

The World War 2 looking one and a modern looking one.

I took them to photoshop to do some quick pant overs. This one is a very rough modern direction.

Here I explored the "world war 2" look ideas. I really liked soviet designs that have vehicles laden with numerous  props, I thought it would be very interesting to do. Having a wheel for another vehicle on the side was a first step in that direction. Having done more resarch I discovered a plethora of items that got strapped to the sides of soviet armor in ww2: boxes, pickaxes, shovels, suitcases, barrels, crates, cables, wrenches, saws, planks, firewood, entire tree trunks, bicycles, etc - and that's not even starting on the more "default" equipment.

Here is where I am at the moment. I blocked in the major shapes, took the model to maya and modeled a number of t34-85 props to help anchor the design, as well figure it out the extents of it.