Sig Sauer P320 Compact

Alex bobylev screenshot001
Alex bobylev screenshot002
Alex bobylev screenshot007
Alex bobylev screenshot008
Alex bobylev screenshot009
Alex bobylev screenshot010
Alex bobylev screenshot011
Alex bobylev screenshot012
Alex bobylev wire
Game res-ed wireframe
Alex bobylev sigsauerp320 rightside
Fusion360 view
Alex bobylev sigsauerp320 right3q
Fusion360 view
Alex bobylev sigsauerp320 leftside
Fusion360 view
Alex bobylev sigsauerp320 left3q
Fusion360 view

A free-time project that I did to learn Fusion360 and Substance Painter, game res-ed and rendered in Marmoset.
The Fusion part got started as a tutorial from Issac Oster over at digital tutors (thanks for that - very useful!) but turned into a more or less unguided exploration fairly soon (which is a more preferable way for me to learn I find). Probably why it took nearly 3 weeks.