Illustration 9

Illustration final large
Alex bobylev conceptblockin flat
Original Slicer concept art + illustration thumbnails.
Alex bobylev conceptcolourroughs
Color roughs.
Alex bobylev slicer quicksculpt
Rough zbrush sculpt.
Alex bobylev slicerhswip
Retopo+hard surface remodeling.
Alex bobylev slicerzbrushposed
Posed in XSI and re-sculpted in Zbrush.
Alex bobylev slicergold
Test Renders.
Alex bobylev alona
Re-used+kit-bashed base mesh sculpted/modeled in Zbrush.
Alex bobylev alonazbrush
Pose in XSi, finalized in Zbrush.
Alex bobylev sceneblockoutoverview
Scene set up in Maya.
Alex bobylev frameblockout
Narrowing down on final composition in Maya.
Alex bobylev sliceralona sceneblockin02
High res is ported into Maya and more tweaks to composition and frame.
Alex bobylev lightingtests05
Lighting and shading set up.
Alex bobylev slicer and alona finalexr
Pretty much near the end on shaders and lighting.
Alex bobylev illustration final vsmall
Final shot with post and paintover in Photoshop.

This was a 3d illustration final that I did for a class. Done using Maya, MR, Zbrush and Photoshop.